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Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Channels

Cable companies are often required by local governments to provide their communities with some form of public service, e.g. channels for public, educational and government (PEG) uses.  The fate of PEG channels is at stake.  In some communities, these channels have been heavily used; in others, the community has not demanded access for PEG channels.  What is clear is that local communities deserve and have a right to high-quality, locally-relevant PEG programming.

Groups Working for PEG Channels

The FCC has produced a PEG channel fact sheet, but if you want to see them available in your community then it's best to consult the Cable and Broadband section of the Media Empowerment Project's Organizing Manual  produced by the Office of Communications of the United Church of Christ and the Community Telecom Toolkit from the Center for Digital Democracy.

The possibilities for using these channels for innovative and important community services are tremendous.  A number of groups around the country are working to help communities make the most of their access to PEG channels.  Their national organization is the Alliance for Community Media.

Even though satellite has their own national public interest channels, local PEG channels only exist on cable. But if cable prices continue to rise, will consumers switch to competitors?  These and other cable issues vital to PEG channels are also What's at Stake.  What if your community doesn't have PEG access?  Then Get Involved in your community to make a difference.